Research Output



Johnston, S.J. and Butterworth, D.S. Impact of possible catch roll-overs at Gough island. MARAM document: MARAM/TRISTAN/2021/FEB/01: 5pp.
Johnston, S.J. Exceptional Circumstances rule for the Tristan OMP 2020 when one or more data inputs are unavailable. MARAM document: MARAM/TRISTAN/2021/FEB/02: 5pp.

Consultancy and Other Activities Based on Expertise Developed in Research

Butterworth, D.S. Suggestions for Common Data and Model Structure for Island Closures Analyses. DEFF Fisheries document: FISHERIES/2021/JAN/SWG-PEL/02: 7pp.
Butterworth, D.S. The Penguin decline - where should most analysis effort really be focused? DEFF Fisheries document: FISHERIES/2021/MAR/SWG-PEL/10: 4pp.
de Moor, C.L. The formulae used to set the 2021 initial anchovy TAC. DEFF Fisheries document: FISHERIES/2021/JAN/SWG-PEL/06: 2pp.