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Carryn de Moor

Research Officer

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
Rondebosch 7701

tel/fax: +27-31-764 3255

Carryn de Moor (formerly Cunningham) completed her BSc degree (summa cum laude) majoring in mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematical statistics at the University of Natal (Durban) in 1996 and BSc (honours) degree (cum laude) in applied mathematics in 1997. Her MSc thesis Mathematical Modelling of the Cellular and Population Dynamics of HIV and AIDS was awarded the S2 A3 Bronze medal for the best MSc thesis at the University of Natal in 1999. She graduated in 2002 with a PhD in biomathematics from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. Her PhD thesis was entitled Improved Management of North East Atlantic Mackerel, Using Bayesian Modelling Methodologies.

Carryn joined MARAM full time from 2003 and has been involved primarily with providing scientific advice on the South African pelagic resources, which has included assessing the sardine and anchovy resources, updating and running the management procedure used for the South African pelagic resources and providing help and advice on carrying out Bayesian analysis. In addition, she has carried out assessments on and/or developed models for the North Atlantic Fin whales, the Central stock of Minke whales and the Iberian sardine.

Carryn is married with two daughters.