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Doug Butterworth


Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
Rondebosch 7701

Tel: +27-21-650 2343

Doug Butterworth heads the MARAM Research Group. As well as contributing to the provision of scientific advice on catch levels for South Africa's major fisheries, he has acted as a consultant on fisheries management issues to eleven other national governments, and also to fishing industries in ten countries, as well as serving as a national representative or invitee in his personal capacity on the Scientific Committees of eleven international fisheries organizations. His research has covered many marine species, including anchovy, hake, krill, lobster, orange roughy, sardine, seals, tuna and whales. He has received a number of prestigious awards for his contributions to the field, including the South African President's National Orders award of the Order of Mapungubwe (silver) for contribution to the betterment of the environment and sustainability of fisheries.