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MARAM Director

Professor Doug Butterworth

Senior Research Officers

Dr Anabela Brandão
Dr Carryn de Moor
Dr Susan Johnston

Administrative Assistant

Di Loureiro

Research Associates

Dr Éva Plagányi
Dr Rebecca Rademeyer
Dr Helena Geromont

Postdoctoral Researcher

Andrea Ross-Gillespie (Hake cannibalism and inter-species predation)


Current students Degree Topic
Melissa Jacobs MSc The implementation of a management procedure approach to set catch limits for bluefin tuna.
Recent graduates Degree Thesis title
Candysse Vrancken MSc Investigating options for ensemble forecasting to provide reliable outputs for management decisions
Naseera Moosa MSc Krill-predator dynamics of the Antarctic ecosystem
Andrea Ross-Gillespie PhD Modelling cannibalism and inter-species predation for Cape hake species Merluccius capensis and M. paradoxus.
Liam Furman MSc Using Management Strategy Evaluation to address problems arising as a result of competing users of the South African horse mackerel resource
Helena Geromont PhD Effective fisheries management with few data: a Management Procedure approach
William Robinson PhD Modelling the impact of the South African small pelagic fishery on African penguin dynamics
Rebecca Rademeyer PhD The evolution of management procedures for the South African hake resource in the 2000s
Andrea Müller MSc Humpback whales, rock lobsters and mathematics: exploration of assessment models incorporating stock-structures
Sara Mkango MSc Multi-species models of Antarctic krill predators
Mitsuyo Mori PhD Modelling the krill–predator dynamics of the Antarctic ecosystem
Sobahle Somhlaba MSc Observer Effects on pelagic fleet operations and Bayesian-based explorations of the mass balance model ECOPATH
David Iiyambo MSc The assessment and Operational Management Procedure development for the Namibian monkfish resource
Rebecca Rademeyer MSc Assessment of management procedures for the hake stocks off southern African